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#COTD 8/14/2019

*Knight of Swords - R & Death - R*

This combination brings an Energy of caution today. With the 9 of Swords Reversed, this could be an Energy within yourself or an external person, place, or thing. If you have been following #COTD , you know that things have been going quite well. Energies are forever moving, so there are times where negative things may arise. This person or idea is representation of your Shadow. The Universe wants you to be sure that you are committed to this path and will not be led astray. Is it difficult to think that we are being tested; but its understood if you really want something, it will be worth it.

Is this Knight of Swords in Reverse trying to lure you away from your path? Be aware of the Energies around you and separate them from yourself. Your Higher Self will never guide you in the wrong direction. It is always wise to be open to advice and opinions, but it is not impertinent that you take it as YOUR Truth.

No need to overthink when and if this energy is going to affect you. Continue to walk in your truth and never doubt your Higher Self. These Energies are intended to provoke confidence and strength.You are strong enough to deal with any obstacles in your way.

Much Love,


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