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#COTD | 9-18-2019

*10 of Cups/R & Knight of Swords*

They really just cannot believe it. How could you turn such a nightmare into a fairy tale? All the stumbles and road blocks, yet you thrive! Maybe this is you!!! Looking around to see what you have manifested. Not too long ago, we were distraught because hope seemed so thin. Hit after hit, your faith was tested but you stood strong. Releasing other's judgments of you and allowing both your Light and Dark to come into union.

Now that Big Ole Saturn is going back direct, Karma is here. Now is the time to really see the fruits of your labor. During the retrograde, you past was thrown in your fave to see if you were ready to finally release these toxic feelings. Hope your garden is abundant and fruitful, if not, you may be this individual unsure of how a Magician truly comes to be. Don't fret, you have it in too; you just fail to see it.

Connect with me and we can work on uncovering your Shadow. Illuminating how loving your Shadow is more beneficial than scary. As kids, being scared for the Dark is normal but there is a time to face it and take back your power. I am here to show you the way.

Much Love...


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