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Hey Sunshine!!! How are you?

Here we are again, another month is here to supply you with endless bliss. August is the month where kids start going back to school and families are getting back into the routine...of routine.

If you have not seen the "Monthly Intuitive" please check it out here. This season brings in bold Moon energies that can be very beneficial to update, refresh or change the vibe in you and your environment. We are all familiar with the term "Spring Cleaning", well Summer is the cleansing of your Ego.

Personally, I will be cleansing the mental part of my Ego this season. This summer break has been very "triggering" for me. Since I have opened myself back up to certain energies in my life, it was a surprise to realize that I did not see why it was triggering me. As a mother, I have tried my hardest to make sure that I do not influence my children in a negative way. In wanting to do that, I kind of ignored what my Inner Child was saying. It was jealous, highly jealous. The reason seemed silly at first but it makes complete sense. She did not want to be hurt again.

This summer my mother came to visit me. I was so happy to see her, it had been sometime since shit went down between the whole family and I. I know my mother, so I should of known better but I did not feel that warmest that I wanted. My mother is not to blame, I am. Since I had my first kid, the protective energy in me has become....intense. She stayed for a bit, when it was time for her to go, my oldest son went with her. It was bittersweet for me. Seeing my son get to go and be alone from his siblings and was needed.

Nothing bad happened, I just really missed my son. My children are everything to me. What made me upset is that the extended family did not get together except for once over the course of 2 weeks. Again, my Ego is in the forefront of my mind. How could you not want to see your family, it has been awhile. Then I mentally went down the rabbit hole. Feeling bad for my son that he does not get to experience.....close family. But that is not where I came from.

I did not hesitate to go and get him; nothing was gonna stop me. I am close with my wife and kids; anytime they need something I jump. Come to find out, they do not need me to. We are all growing but yet here I am talking about my growth but not living it. Why? Because I always see the silver lining in everything! But sometimes, it is best to see things for what they are. Life.

Is there something you have to let go of as well? If not, that is great but if it. When talking with friends I have come to realize that there is a "void"(Pisces) in all of us. When there is a hole, there must be something to fit inside but what if everything is so small and minute? What happens? I can only assume that, little minute things just disappear in the void. The reason you are the way you are, what you have been thru; the principle of not on the mind of others at the same time. As I type, the clouds just parted and the Sun is shining thru on this overcast day. The Universe is amazing.

My "void", will never be filled and I do not think that is a bad this point. I cannot go back and change my earlier years, I can only embrace the present. Whatever energies this month brings up for you, honor them. That is the purpose of your principal. Ase

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