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I ain't getting any younger......

Y'all, I am nervous as fuck but this is not the first time. For this Full Moon in Capricorn, I will be burning my "de-Void" candle for healing purposes. It can be viewed from the "StarMoon Tarot" tab at

Black is everything to me in many different ways. It does not only describe my soul but how I live my life. Coming up to this Full Moon or any Capricorn energy in my life has been hard. The energy from people, places, and things really stick to you. The "de-Void" candle is used to remove any negative thoughts, feelings or entities from your auric field.

Because you control your Universe, when the candle is burning, negativity will show up. How you respond to your own energies is your responsibility. If you do not know your

own Spirits, they will rock you. Always take caution when burning candles and doing Shadow Work. Spirit is everywhere.

What Should You Do?

Check out my video about the Full Moon in Cap here

See if the energy resonates with you. Pick a way you feel is the best way for you to release this energy.

Write your intentions down:

  • burn it in a fire

  • bury it in the Earth

  • make it your phone wallpaper

  • make it a poster in your room

  • work it into a Sigil

  • set out Earth friendly offerings

Everyone's intentions for certain Moons may vary be sure what you write is of a positive nature if you are not familiar with work with Spirits.

Capricorn is Saturn, be careful what you wish will get it. Ase


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