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Interested in some healing?

If you feel you are in a place where tarot reading are not helping you the way you thought they were, I have an idea. Tarot is a great tool to dig into your Shadow, it helps you understand your energy and how to read others. What comes next after that? Working with your Shadow, learning how to love it again. If you thought relationships with others is difficult. I can promise you from my own personal experience; loving yourself is easier. Then you can decide who to externally give love to.

I have a group called "Calming the Chaos" starting. For now, I would like to meet twice a month. This collab is to expose our Shadows in a safe place of no judgement. Creating a comfy place to see what the true underlying issue is and work through it. The speed of recovery is dependent on the person and their emotional stability. I do not claim to be a therapist or anything; so if you feel you are in a place of self harm, please get help from a licensed professional. I have experienced abuse in many forms; it hurt my Shadow, now we work together.

Functioning in a world full of energies is difficult. You have been living it for so long, learn how to handle your energy, emotions and attitude; this is your life.

Check out the "Groups" sections of my site.

Much Love and Asé

StarMoon Love

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