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No new beginnings here....

It is offically 2020, wow! I have been laying pretty low lately, not really active online but spiritually been grinding. You see all the post on social media about the new year and new you! Honestly, it doesn't resonate with me anymore. Call me crazy but I have gotten tired of starting over...every year. This year, I'm not starting over, I'm building upon my growth and success.

It can be exciting to start over but it also gets tiring, going back to ground zero.....again and again. 2020 will never come again, let's stop the insanity of resolutions and repeating the same toxic cycles as last year....and everyone else. Resolutions themselves can be a great tool but not sticking to them can be very disheartening. Who hasn't told themselves today is the day!!!! No more BS!!! Then by day 3, your motivation is gone with the new year....and your resolution.....and self respect.

The holidays are meant to be a time of love but is often overshadowed with consumerism and ego. The only way to show love is to buy someone you care about something they may never use or even want, we even force ourselves to buy for people we do not even like. WHO DOES THAT!!!

In the middle of last year, my life was changed dramatically and that was my new beginning. Found the love of my life and the only person to fit in the lives of the kids and I. No more redos, no more starting over, happiness is here. My goals for 2020 are to expand my consciousness even more and build my empire. Our family has our roots, now...we water!

How are your roots? Do you need a transplant or some fertilizer? Unsure of where or what you need? Let's ask the Tarot...

The top card represents the New Year: 2 of Wands; the imagery in this card is so beautiful. There is a lady carrying a wand on her back and in her left hand(receiving) . She stands at the bank of a river looking across the way, staring off into the sky of possibilities. The only obstacle I see in front of her is the river, although it looks calm, the rippling tells of the different emotions from within. She stands amongst a group of flowers just like those across the river, she is not going into something completely unknown ... just different...more.

We are going into this new year with goals in mind. Taking the lessons we have learned over time and using them to our advantage.

The bottom two cards are for today:The Empress and 10 of Chalices(Cups). Looooook, this energy is so bad ass!!!! Depending on what aspect of your life you came to this reading for, is going down! We have the Empress with the Ten of Cups? That is receiving and giving the ultimate happiness, no matter the gender, the Empress is you! Fruitful in all of her endeavors, she gives and receives Universal energy on a different level. This energy is connected, grounded, and nurturing. Throw in the 10 of Cups and balance is achieved. The people in this card are tying their cups upside down, showing vulnerability to each other. What is your 10 of Cups? Business? Family? Romantic love? Its there! This energy is telling you to go for it! But you got to understand, just because the energy is there does not mean you have to interact with it. If you're not going to put physical energy into the Universe, the energy displayed in the cards cannot play out.

Whatever you are working towards, you're 10 of Cups; do something about it. Please do not let this year go by and you want to be lazy, then when 2021 comes around you're doing the same thing as you did in 2020, 2019, 2018 and so on. There's no more time for blaming anyone except for yourself or your life. Do not think about what you did the years before and about how you wanted to change. From this day forward there is no more starting over, this is the life that you have!

Much Love...


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