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Number 100 - 199 #StarCodes

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

100 - A thought.

101 - A thought from Spirit or Your Higher Self.

102 - A thought from Spirit about a connection.

103 - A thought from Spirit about a community or from your Spirit Guides.

104 - A thought from Spirit about a possible foundation or opportunity.

105 - A thought from Spirit to change you.

106 - A thought from Spirit that will bring value to your life.

107 - A gift from Spirit.

108 - A valuable thought from Spirit that you need to work on.

109 - A internal fear that is being externalized.

110 - A thought from your heart that you want to do\manifest.

111 - A thought that your Higher Self is giving you. Work through it, it is happening for a reason.

112 - A message from Spirit about a connect you have been thinking about

113 - Your Spirit team has your back, move forward with love and trust

114 - Spirit is giving you this foundation for a reason, build on it

115 - You are changing in the Spiritual realm, it is meant to happen this way

116 - You value the messages that Spirit is giving you. Thank you.

117 - Spirit gave this information to you for a reason, keep it to yourself. Trust is coming!

118 - Spirit is working hard to send you messages but you need to check your vibe. You have to do something in your reality to change it. We can only do so much, listen.

119 - You are just scared because this is a new opportunity, believe what we are telling you!!!

120 - You did this all on your own; good or bad, that is the ugly truth

121 - We just gave you the idea, you did that yourself!

122 - You are connected to source, please move forward!

123 - This information we are giving you is valuable, use it!

124 - This foundation is what you need to move forward, it is ok. Do it!

125 - You really need this change, do not be mad; you did not to stop or start it.

126 - You have everything you need, we are just waiting for you to act on it.

127 - We gave this to you for a reason, why are you not embracing it?

128 - There is nothing else do to, but do it. Let's go!!!

129 - You may be scared but we are confident you got this!

130 - You manifested this from the way that you feel.

131 - Yes, that was from us.

132 - We are really trying to get you to understand which way to go.

133 - You are actively creating with Spirit, use it!

134 - We know what is right and so do you; can we proceed?

135 - You did not want to do it, so we did. Touché.

136 - It is done in the Spirit realm, give it time to manifest.

137 - Take this information and turn it into knowledge.

138 - We cannot do anything more about this situation, you know what is next.

139 - If you are scared we are too, what's next?

140 - You built this house and you are gonna live it in...if you continue to choose to be there.

141 - We just gave you the thought, you are the one who ran and manifested it.

142 - We gave this to you because you wanted it.

143 - We did not know if you would like it but it's valid.

144 - We working this together, you have to move thou.

145 - This is a change that you need, embrace it!

146 - We have done all we can, what are you gonna do?

147 - Take shit landed right in your lap, now what?

148 - We see how much you wanted this, so there it is.

149 - This is just some past energy that you need to work though.

150 - So, that was all you. Just saying.

151 - Yea, that one was us!

152 - That change came from us, but you needed it now.

153 - You want this, so do it.

154 - Just push this energy through or not, it is your choice.

155 - Yea, that was not working out.

156 - We think this will be good for you.

157 - You really wanted or needed this, just take it.

158 - We cannot put an more energy into this, you will implode, do something.

159 - You may be scared but this is what it is, move forward NOW!

160 - You hold so much value in this, we do not have to say or do anything.

161 - We see that you really hold this dear, let's work with it.

162 - We are sending something right now to help you.

163 - We all know this is what is supposed to be happening, just flow with it.

164 - Ok, we got all this worked out, now what?

165 - Whoa!!!!! That was intense!!!

166 - You really thought that we left you? GTFOH, you just do not want to listen.

167 - How are we supposed to do it for you?

168 - So, you are really stubborn, that is why. Switch it up.

169 - Yea but, THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! Be specific next time.

170 - Take that leap!!!! PLEASE! Then we can come in!!!!

171 - You good, keeping going; downloads are coming

172 - You got it, YAS!!!!

173 - Let us just put this here, on you....LoL

174 - That was straight from the source, look it up!

175 - That actually alter your path, be happy with your decision.

176 - Yea, we can see how this could work. Just a bit more time.

177 - Ok, everything is in place, not it is up to you. ArchAngels on DECK!!!

178 - We will and are giving you guidance while you are in action!

179 - Oh shiiiiiiiit! It is happening!!!!!

180 - YAS!!!!! You finally got there, now....keep going!

181 - Uh huh, we see where you are going with this.

182 - Maybe add a little bit of this.....

183 - Ok, now we are on the same page, let's progress.

184 - Ha! It makes sense now huh? Who's got your back?

185 - You do not need us in this matter but we here!

186 - Yes, you are the!!!

187 - That made us laugh, sorry, continue......

188 - You seem to want to believe, so we believe in you!!!!

189 - Yea, it is a risk but....we got you and you got this!!!

190 - You are just scared.

191 - We GOT you!!!

192 - Sending so much Love and Support! Please see it!!!

193 - This fear is here for a reason, please see it for what it is. This is self hate.

194 - This fear is coming from the past, do not let it cause you stress. Work through it.

195 - Look, we had to, you are not seeing the bigger picture!!!

196 - We have no other choice, you did this to yourself. Sorry, you did not listen. Pain is Love

197 - Fine.

198 - We have provided you with EVERYTHING you need. Struggle through the hustle.

199 - Here comes the JUICE!!!!

I really appreciate all that come and take something from these messages. Life is what it is, there is no changing it, just your perspective. We actively choose what we want to see.


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