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Shadow Readings

I have gone back and forth about how to do my tarot readings; my calling is to bring Light to the Dark and that can be a very uncomfortable subject for most. I felt, if I want to share my gifts and help others, I'd have to sugar coat things. My astro placements do not support that and I started to track. My general readings were still getting messages out, got some views was not my Truth. If I am going to motivate people to push through their uncomfortable spots, I would to.

So, August Shadows readings are up. I altered the spread a little and clarified with a lot more precision. Hope it resonates with most. Please like and share my page with others who you feel would benefit.

Ill be going more in depth about my Shadow in the near future to help illustrate how I how taken my pain and transmuted it into Love. Until next time...

Much Love,


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