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Some fresh air...

Great afternoon to everyone, hope your day is progressing well; mine is great. Done with work for the day, chilling with my kids and tarot.

The cards I pulled today are interesting. The King of Swords/R and 6 of Swords/R, makes me think about the reflection card last night. Could this King be the one jumping across the wands? 🤔Maybe for some. Connecting today and yesterday's cards, I'm begining to feel this may not be a person but a thought or idea; could still be a literal person for some of you.

The 6 of Sword in general is a card about moving on; in this deck, it shows a bridge made of swords, connecting one side of a cliff to another. The King of Swords/R is the thought or an idea, that could be hindering you from moving forward. Again, this could be a person as well, possible Air sign and/or older.

I wanted to pull one clarifier to pull everything and it's the Page of Swords/

Immediately, this told me that there is a younger better idea that you have but for some reason you were holding on to an older, maybe more traditional thought process. There is nothing wrong with having traditional values but when start to impede growth and Improvement, adjustments need to be made. Modernization is not a bad thing although it can be scary or intimidating. Times change and in order to keep up with those times, evolution needs to happen.

Something needs to change here, the way you perceive things or what it is that you are doing. Even with it being a Page, I do feel that this is an idea(or person) that has been on your mind or around you for a bit. Does this resonate, I'd love to hear from you. Go back a couple days and look at the energy we have been in. This opportunity is waiting for an answer.

Much Love...


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