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#StarMoonSpeaks | You need to upgrade....

First I have to say thank you to the Universe, we are in some very enlighten times right now; gratitude is a must.

I have learned so much about myself and others over these last few years. The people closest to you are not always who they say they are and the people who look like they are close to you, are actually further away in Spirit. At least in my case. Through analyzing my own chart and understanding Mother Gaia, I know have a clear picture of who I am and what I am.

If you would of asked me years ago if I thought that this was going to be my life, I would have been shocked. Interest in Astrology was just a hobby. It was not until I actually left the four walls of my childhood home that things really started to open up. During this healing journey, there has been a lot of releasing. Releasing what others want me to be and who they really think I am. Not one life on this planet is easy but it does seem that some people skate through life.....the thing is, maybe that is their path. Who is anyone except Olodumare allowed to throw Judgement. Being so catch up in your own life, it really should not matter.

How do you not look at all the Ugly in the world when it surrounds you every day? You have to want to see the good. I am naturally someone who sees potential in every situation; whether it was good or not. There are some energies that just cannot be I learned how strong I was by trying to mask these negative energies.....a bitch strong!!!! LoL

I was not a kid that had a lot of imagination, or so I thought. I did spend a lot of time playing by myself; this was not something I had realized before. Thinking about it now, I did make my own little Universe. Naivety was only of the pillars that my world was built around. I could not and did not want to see that love can turn into hate. How could that be? Parents love their children and siblings fought; I knew that what I saw on tv was not really reality. Are you telling me that when a kid is having a bad day or time, that parents listen and just do not believe; "Children should be seen and not heard"? Yes, that is how it is "supposed" to be......caring. But the reality is that everyone is walking around trying to understand energies that are hitting them from all angles. If we do not understand the energy, then chaos ensues.

One does not want to completely fall into the notion that everything is going to be perfect. It is not going to look like things on tv. But when all you do is ingest things that you have been told are not good in high lose yourself. Technology is one of the greatest advancements in life, look at all we as humans have created with it. But alas, we have gotten so into the machines and wires that we forget where we are from and where we are going. I have seen the first cell phone, from the fat bricks that were in cars to the infamous Nokia that everyone had!!! LoL!! You already know I had that blinking antenna...LoL

Now, our phones do not only let us talk to people but you get to literally experience life in other places. Someone can literally bring you into their life and you can see into their reality!!! Really amazing if you think about it but on the other end, are we ever really alone? There is this constant feeling that we need to share everything we do so we can seem relevant. But why? Is it really the business ( busi - ness) of the world what you do every second? Not really. It is just of egotistical to think that people hang on your every word...some yes and some no.

There are many people who actually live to see what you are doing. Not from the best intentions either, they are energetic vampires. They will look at what you post and assume the world about you, good, bad or indifferent. It is your job to know and understand energy so you can flow through life. What does flowing look like? Letting go. If you have ever installed a program into a desktop computer( especially back in the day); there could be up to 10 CDs that need to be uploaded. That is a lot of work. Now lets come into the present moment, It only takes a second to tap a button and have 10 apps upload way faster. That is where we are. Trying to update our internal software to catch up with the times. We are all not the same, why do you think there is Google, Bing, FireFox and such? Why did MySpace go away but Facebook take over? Someone or something made it a big deal, that is why. Even by the names of programs, can you understand what the purpose is.

Are you ready to deprogram yourself to really see what type of hardware you are working with. I bet it is outdated and glitchy but there is a way to fix it. You just have to want to and do so.

Much Love and Asé


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