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Thank you Universe!!!

Now that I have once again, tended to my Ancestors, life on this realm can get back on track. So, I am a very blessed individual. To grow not only for myself, my family, but my soul family too.

Now that I am a legit business with the matrix and all, I'm going in. I am going to be creating a foundation. I need to do some more research concerning money collecting because, this is going to be through me. I am going to be responsible for it and I will answer to whatever is needed.

So, if you have not been seeing on social media how if we all came together, we could be rich. Well, it is true but social media is just that. I did not know it then but this is why I have this site. This is my Universe. Hearing over the years how people can use the internet to dig up your skeletons, I was legit scared. I did not understand. Now I do. I was raised when computers were born, we are close fucking cousins. I was never the type of person to get into trouble "like that" but the fear I was raised with just kept growing. Always looking over my shoulder because I did not want that to happen to me. At the time, it was happening to a lot of celebrities'. I was so in the matrix, I did not see that it had not a damn thing to do with me.

So, hopefully my manic mind made sense but I am looking for people with "expertise'" in things. I already became a legal entity, now it is time to be. I will be starting a savings account; if people put in, then they are in. I am not looking for a huge team but i would like to have our own little functioning community. And yes, it is going to be a Pro-Black thing. It is not anti-other people, my momma is; but this shit is for "my kind".

I will be posting more in the future, I hope you are there...

Much Love and Asé


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Congrats! Anything I can do to help!

Jun 20, 2021
Replying to

My bad, I didn't tell you, you already in it. 😂 text me any and all ideas!

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