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Venus Enters Cancer!!!!

Heeeey y'all! How is life? Well, it is about to get a lot more interesting, today #Venus transitioned into #Cancer!! What does this mean? It means that lots of people are gonna be in their feelings and possibly getting on your nerves. Again, perspective is everything. If you have uneasy feelings about something, it is time to explore that!

Cancer is a water sign that is very protective of what is "theirs". So people are going to want to feel loved and validated. If you do not feel you can provide other's with this energy, then you need to give it to yourself.

It can be hard to tell others that you cannot help them at the moment but speaking your your truth. If you come up with resistance about what you want(especially lone time), put your foot down. It is not ok to keep giving to people when we ourselves are not in the best mood. Love is love but your energy can make it seem like hate.

SO keep your energy straight, help where you can but do not over give. Even the ones we love may not "know" when we are in need. Closed mouths do not get fed and that goes for everyone.

Much Love and Asé


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