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Waistin' time beading...

I really thought I posted this over a week ago, so I guess the title is! Now that I sit here just bs'ing around, I have noticed my errors, how relatable right? I will save that for another post, I want to talk about waist beads.

They are nothing new but they are in my life. Waist beads were never on my "to try" list because of my insecurities with myself. I felt that I would not be "allowed" (my poor naïve heart) to embrace the purpose or culture. The truth is, I was never exposed to my culture; I had to discover it on my own.

In present day, there is not much you can tell me about expressing myself. It took a while to get here but if I can motivate anyone to take risks that will promote self-love, earlier or later in your life; I'm happy with that. Never to late to learn new habits of the old ways...or whatever way you like.

There is so much information about waist beads online, I encourage you to find the meanings behind them if you are drawn to wear them. For me, they connect me not only to the roots I did not know where there but they deepen them. Physical beauty and I have not always been the best of friends. I do not like to bring "unnecessary" attention to myself but I know is out there. Not something that I can control in other people but I can still express myself, not giving a fuck what they think. They do not know me, even if they think they do, let them assume.

My beads have both an intention and a purpose. My intentions are to heal trauma and the purpose is because this is who I am. Wearing these for almost a month have mad me aware not only of internal changes but how my body move and flowing with the energies around me. A lot more that I thought with just wearing some beads around my belly. How could it be any other way? I put the energy in threading every bead that is on the length of string with that intent and purpose.

Magick is amazing, connection to Source is everything. Whether you make it or buy it; always feel the truest you.


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I have read about this..... I want one! My beaded bracelets are Majick! They are part of my healing processes!

03.05.2021 г.
Отговаряне на

Yas!!!! Same! Would love to see them! Its amazing what a lil intention will do. Asé

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