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*Abre Camino* Oil

The Ancestors have been pulling me for some time now. It took me a bit to really open myself to hear and feel their words. Day by day, I grow stronger, wiser and more Divine.

I love how all the ingredients I ordered came just in time for the New Moon in Aries. Perfect representation of what opening roads represents. New Lunar year, new intentions, new passions! There are many ways to make this type of oil, after researching, it always seems the simpler the better. The main two ingredients are abre camino and oil. There are other things added but, that's my secret.

I have ordered Road Opener oils from another worker but it didnt....feel right. It's all about intention and I have come to find out that no one's I mention is stronger than mine. That's not to take anything away from other workers, we all have our place; but my Vibe is MY VIBE. No one came make an oil for me....better than me! It is the same for you!

I'm really proud of myself, I have been through a lot and will continue too.....and grow. Being on a higher vibration can be challenging when the world can be such a low place but if you look between the will see something that you cannot describe. Follow it into the Darkness to see that Light.

Much Love and Asé...


*if you feel drawn to this post and would like a tealight placed on my altar for you, leave a comment below. *No charge when commenting on this thread*

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