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Are you ready for it to end?

Like most will say, this year has gone by hella fast. There was a new way of life, multiples ways to adapt and lots of shit to unload. Next month, I will be 36!!! Am I sad about it? No. Honestly, I cannot wait to experience my forties but I will take my time getting I have seen how to manifest and actually done it myself, mostly on auto-pilot. This year, I am gonna be all in the Earth element! Crushing mountains and forming islands in my vast seas of realities around me. I think it is so funny that I am not really going to be doing anything "new and exciting" this year, my ass is gonna refine my craft and do what I do. Give readings, love in all forms and be someone who really expresses and highlights everything I stand for....Truth!

I am so happy to complete another cycle, on to the next...bigger....twister one!!! Let's get this shit!!!!! Take advantage of my services, they promote vulnerability and growth through self awareness and development. Prices are reasonable and availability of products will increase. I am picky about what I spend my money on so I want to provide basics to reconstruct your own path. As someone who understands not having insurance or someone to just listen to where my head is at and guide me back to Self. Not having help for the mistakes I made, allowing myself to help everyone before Self. This does not have to cost a lot of money but it does cost of lot of Energy, All types of energies are always present, pay attentions to the ones you want to engage in. Your programmed mind could be why you cannot "succeed" in life. Do you need years of intense therapy and subjugation to feel like a human being? No, but you do have to work at it. Make it a lifestyle, in whatever way works for you. Personally, I want to know what is wrong with me before I feel the need to tell someone about themselves. Therefore I give my services in the same way I would want them, blunt and honest. Do some people need licensed medical attention? Yes but not all. If you feel that is you, I got you...

Until the New Year and the New Cycle, much love and Asé to everyone who has ever supported me or not. The Universe is amazing and teaches us perfect things at the perfect time. So I'll be here whenever you are ready.


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