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5.3.2021 | #StarMoonSpeaks | Damn, this energy!!!! LOL

What is more funnier than life? I have not seen or experienced anything like it. It is even more crazy to think that I am not even half way done with

How are you? Have you been adjusting to your new vibration? If you follow me you know my ass can be here or there (and if you are still here, you are fucking amazing!) I really appreciate the love.

So I have been dealing with feelings that I am never going to be able to get what I truly want in life....whatever the fuck I want. Sounds kinda of childish but I have been done hating on myself. I continue to dig into my chart to better understand myself and what my purpose is. As I explore what houses my signs are in I am dumbfounded but humbled. Your natal chart can really read your ass. Why did I not look deeper into it before? Because I am I feel I know myself so.....I kept it moving. My spirit always brought me back, they got jokes.

After understanding that I already know my past, why would I want to dig into it? Well, I want to but I did not know. So as I started doing charts for other people, shit just started opening up. We really do carry specific energies of theses general planets in our own little way.

Looking back into my past, I was heavily influenced; we all are. Now I see the depths of it; then I see how my own perceptions have repressed me from really leaving my past. The truth is, I have left it. When I look back at some of my vids, I am speaking truth loud and clear. I am not someone who likes to go back to past things and give them another try....and that is just who I am. Asé. To me, this does not mean that I am a bad person but my truth helps me innerstand that I am a bad person to some people, places and things. Should I care? Do I care? Nah, bitch got receipts.

I left a lot in the past! Relationships with the youngest generation of my "relative" family who are some of the biggest parts of my heart. I always wanted to be the Aunt that they wanted to spend time with. I thought I would never get that but I did. I may not of been able to be that for them for that amount of time that wanted; but my pictures scream to me how loving and awesome it was to be around that part of my family. Every time I could let them spend time in my Universe and outside of "that" from which they came; it was and is still a blessing. People just "know"; they know just like me.

What about my dream of having my entire family living on one piece of land for generations? Weeeeelllllll, everyone kinda does in theory. I mean, The government tells me that America is not my land but it is.... it is not confusion, it just doesn't make logical sense, that is the foundation I may not have my 100 acre forest...but its growing. I legit thought that I was only successful if my house was bigger than everyone else and there was no less that 3 cars in the driveway. I have never wanted this, I just want a horse and cart.

So, now I own a vehicle that is solely in my name and pull my cart of valuables with me everywhere I go, figuratively and literally. How big is your cart? You know the cart is not real right? Or did you picture me trotting down the old dirt road with my kids in tow? Naw, this ain't the Oregon Trail....I bought an RV LOL!!!! What part of this do you believe? Unless you asked me, you would not know. Interesting right? Let your imagination soar!!!!

Much Love and Ase


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