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9-24-2019 | Flowing

Altars and personal spaces do not have to be these elaborate things we see on tv. Since moving into an RV, I have given up a lot of my precious, precious personal space.😫 I was worried about where I was gonna display everything, do my works, etc. Not wanting to get too frustrated, I told myself I would come back to at a later time. Over the course of a few days, things have been moved....a lot; the location, the design and what was gonna be displayed. Settling down after dinner last night, I was mentally going over things for the website, I wanted a new background photo. That thought brought me back to my altar space. 🙄 The room was still a little cluttered so I started to straighten up. It was in no time at all that my space came together. It was a fourth of my space in the house but the energy from it was 10x! All things used have been things I have collected over the years; handed down to me or purchased from goodwill or dollar stores. The flowers and stone where picked up in the field behind the RV by my fiance. I love it! Not only the space but pictures I took. I say all of that to make a point; your practice, your is yours alone. Do not let other tell you what you need to be whatever you are. The beautiful thing is that it is "YOUR" path/ways/concepts that make it unique and powerful. If you are still in the spiritual/ witchy closet, a beginner without a clue or someone years in; do you. The size, price and quantity of material things do not matter. Growth is truly through the mental and happens over time. Steadily. Intuition will increase, thoughts will start to clear, inspiration will flow. The ways and means to magickal supplies will become apparent. The Universe supplies us with what we need at the time. If there is something you want, be open to it; believe it will come. 😌 Much Love... StarMoon #StarMoon #Shadows #Intuitive #witch #healer #witchcraft #tarot #pracitcal #iloveskulls #nature #autumnequinox #inspire #receive #give #altar #space #rvlife

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