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9-4-2019 | Negative purging.

How are y'all? I'm good, still busy pushing this energy to live my best life. Unapologetically. When you truly want something and believe it can be obtained, you will be tested over and over. It is not that you do not deserve it but the Universe wants you to understand and believe that you do. That means taking all the distractions and negativity as just that...distractions. it will not matter how positive the energy is around you and your dreams, there is always a cause and effect. Living your true Self causing individuals vibing low to understand where they may be lacking in their own life. It can be difficult not to take it as a personal attack, but it really isn't. Honestly, "what people think about you is none of your business". That concept has been life-saving for me, it took awhile to really believe.

I had dreams of that loving family that most people have: dropping the kids off with Grandma so you can have a moment to breathe, enjoying big family barbecues on those hot summer days and cousins growing up together being best friends. Maybe this isn't the same dreams that other people have, I was seriously in denial thinking so. Whenever I would get clear signs that my expectation was not going to happen, I just felt as though I needed to try harder. Little did I know, that caused the things I thought I wanted, to be pushed farther away from me.

I didn't know what was going on!! Granted looking back, I was in the middle of a spiritual awakening. The lines between who I knew I was and what others made me believe was starting to thin. If I would have listened to my intuition back then, I could be in a completely different place and mindset. But like everyone else, I needed my time to see the truth. And now that I have, looking back I do not regret anything. Just like the experiences in my childhood, these experiences have made me a stronger person.

I do want to apologize for being absent and not posting. It will just be a few more awkward days... LOL Between family life, moving and work; I'm going with the flow. Hope y'all have a good rest of the day. Please continue to reach out to me.

Much Love....


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