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#COTD | 10-10-2019

*Judgement & Justice/R*

Today we are seeing how people's judgements on us and our lack of self love has turned us into the Justice/R. Everything you do, say or think is wrong! The Judgment card ask us to really think about this. You know who you are and what is right and wrong, so make sense that people have projected their insecurities on us. But why? That is know of your buisness, you need to figure out why you let them have this effect on you. People's low vibing thoughts have nothing to do with you, rise above it! have been doing something that is not of a favorable light. They know, they feel it. Are you gonna be a responsible person and confess or just wait until the Universe correct it? You are better off spilling the beans and taking the consequence. Afraid of what could happen? Best to find out on your own terms, your guilt is projecting outcomes on others. You may be surprised how people respond when you are forthright; easier to plead guilty and not bring the dramatics of a court case(figuratively or not). The Universe is telling you now is the time to handle your responsibilities and now consequences.🙄 It isnt that bad now but it will be later.

Much Love...


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