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#COTD | 10-8-2019

*The High Priestess & 9 of Wands*

I'm not going to lie, I kind of snickered at myself when I saw the cards today. The feeling I'm picking up is an individual who has tried to overcome obstacles over and over again but has learned that their first thought was the best one. The figure in the nine of Wands went through hell and back you. She is not disappointed because she's exhausted, she's disappointed because the answer was there all along. That first initial feeling when coming into a situation, that was it!

If you are resonating with this energy, it's okay. The overall energy is the Knight of Cups, your higher self is not mad, it has been waiting, showing you unconditional love. Now that you have worn yourself down, you can see it. I resonate with this energy, that's why I laughed.

Now that we are no longer waiting for the universe to provide us with things, use this time to embrace your gifts and yourself. You either will stop or you have stopped thinking that working yourself like a dog is what's going to make you successful. So instead of using all this energy externally, we turn it internally, to grow our connection with our Higher Self.

If this energy did not resonate with you, the high priestess was waiting patiently. She understands that she cannot force you to see the truth that you have to find it yourself. You will continue to fall, there's no doubt. So whenever you're tired of picking yourself back up, she'll be there.

Much Love...


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