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#COTD 8/15/2019

*7 of Swords R & King of Pentacles R*

Under the Energy of this Full Moon, it is time... to give yourself a break. This combo card is telling me that it's becoming difficult waiting for things to manifest. The best things really do take time, it's a hard pill to swallow. After so much hard work and intention, continuing to wait can be intense. With the 7 of Swords reversed, is there something that you may have missed? Make sure you put 100% before you expect results . Is this extended wait period making you doubt yourself? Maybe you aren't ready for this next step. The Universe does not pay attention to what you want, just to the type of Energy you give. You can stay positive all month, but if it's time to receive and you're in a negative mindset; that is what you will receive.

Be sure that you are not blaming others for where you are or that you have to wait. The Universe is the one holding the key, you just have to grab it. Once we finally get out of the way, we see the true purpose in the things we go through. It's not your job to worry about what's going to happen, but to continue to put out positive energy and be open to recieving!

If this message resonated with you, please like, share, and subscribe. How is this energy affecting you this full moon? I am having to reanalyze my plans and goals, not to say that I have to change them. I always want to put myself in a space where I am open to receive what is for my highest well-being. Nothing is set in stone and when we have expectations; we trap ourselves.

Much Love...


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