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#COTD | 9-24-2019

*7 of Pentacles/R & The Heirophant/R*

Having a goal is always a good thing; knowing how you are going to get the is better. With the 7 of Pentacles/R, we still may be unclear on how to proceed. Whether these are the actual steps you need to take next or if you need to realize what are the steps to your True self are. The Heirophant calls for tradition and consistency but this is your Heirophant/R, not the world's. Do not be afraid to take the steps less traveled, there is a reason you noticed them. Take risk from a balanced perspective and weigh the pros and cons. Have you been feeling the pull to do something strange/different/weird? This is most definitely your sign to do so. *I do feel the need to clarify that these risk are not ones that cause hurt or pain to people, places and things.

The Universe is shifting and so are the limits of "traditional" thinking. What has been viewed as strange and different are the new inspiration and guidance. Can't find anyone like you and do not know where to go next? Take those steps yourself and define what you and your purpose/path are. We are here to inspire and change traditions, to create our own!

What are you inspired to do? Why are you waiting? Put energy into this and great things will come. This is the time to be a leader and explore and push yourself to your limits.

Much Love...


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