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#COTD  | 9-25-2019

*Queen of Cups/R & 8 of Swords/R*

The energy today can go multiple ways. I am feeling lost and do not know what to do. I feel this will resonate with many . The Queen of Cups/R could be anyone, gender doesn't matter. This person is feeling sad bc you are not longer locked into their games anymore. Looking bad at some of the #COTDs, it has been sometime coming. This person is jealous that you are succeeding and thought your success would benefit you in some way. Now that you are confident on your own foundation, theirs seem to be crumbling; pay attention to tricks of pity, this person feeds off of it. There is a strong need to see the situation for what it is. There are some individuals where they do not see that their actions are of a lower vibration and causing pain, others....they know. The ones who do not know, depending in the situation should not be allow back into your life.

For others, the is a sense of continued feelings of relief as you release old outdated energies. Knowing that you control how others affect you not the other way around. Some are letting go of someone that was lost recently, through death or separation. Seeing how that person influenced their life, thinking back on fond memories.

If any of these energies resonate with you and you are having a hard time, reach out to me. This is a general readings but its apparent Spirirt has messages for you.

Much Love...


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