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Going Hard and Slow...

Good noon to ya! Hope everyone's day is well! Laundry day for me so I'm listening to the hum if the machines and checking out this book I recently got.

No card for today but the feeling is persistence! I have always found it hard to rely on other people, especially when it comes to my spirituality. There are a lot of scammer out there and people who just think they can walk the walk. Again, my path is a lifestyle, not a trend. Of course I want to advance as fast and soon as I can but...that really isn't possible. I do not have thousands of dollars to throw at people, no matter how much I think it is worth it. For years, I have wanted to get Reiki sessions or a reading from a reputable reader but the prices seems too much. There are times when I have spend more that $60 on a reading and they just told me what I knew; some was new but most of it was just a refresher. I kinda felt disappointed. I'm sure me being stubborn as hell has something to do with it. 🙄 Recently I have talked about how I have opened up to spending more on things I want versus acting like I do not have money. Well, I'm still not happy, I'll spend but cannot seem to be "satisfied". Why? The only thing that comes to mind is because I have to do the work. I have to remember these "powers" and things I can do. I can learn from others but they cannot do it for me. Seems egotistical to talk like this but it is the way I feel. No more doing too much, I'm putting energy into slowing down and absorbing; the same intense energy but focused. A while ago, there was a concept that I came across; in order for you( as a person) to be able to access knowledge, you have to be familiar with it. There was a host interviewing a channeler. They were connected to the lady who wrote "The Convoluted Universe"(don't quote me, not sure), during the connection, the channeller but was having a hard time expressing her message. The individual who was channelling was not familiar with all of the author's work, so speaking upon them became difficult. This has sat on my mind for awhile, this is why it is so important to read. I'm one to be real quick to watch a video and whatnot but it has been a good while since I have sat down and read through a whole book. I had a collection started but sold a lot of things when we(my fam) moved. Now, we are in a great place and can start to work up our library again. Anyways, kinda got away from the point.... Whatever it is that you wanna be, be patient with yourself and give high. Who knows how long it is gonna take me to perfect my Energy healing or shortening the amount of time it takes to connect to Source, but.....Imma do it. And I'm going to help end goal. I already know who I am and what I need to do, just gotta get the 3D to catch up!😂 Now that I have paid attention to what the Universe has been saying, there has been a calm over me. I'm growing, I'm maturing and staying in a high vibe. #success Well, laundry is done, so...on with life! Have a great rest of the day, week, and life!🥰 Much Love... StarMoon #StarMoonTarot

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