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"Kiwi Bliss" by Betty and Mommy

To say that I have been going through changes is an understatement. I have been going through my "Tower" moment. If I would not have gone through all the lessons I did, I wouldn't be where I am today. And that brings me to the simple appreciation of play. For quite some time oh, there has been something plaguing me. That Dark Void inside your heart that you feel with everything you can but it's never enough. I kept throwing all types of things inside of my void. There were some things that I truly felt would work and there was some things that just symbolized how I gave up.

My daughter, Betty, gave me this coloring page about a month or so ago. She wanted me to color it so she could keep it, she is always making things for me. So many things to the point that I asked her to stop giving me so much because I had no where to keep it. LOL! I truly felt that I was being real with her. That although I rejected her way of showing me affection, I still lied to myself that I received it. I wasn't even open to it......from my daughter. That was hard to see, she is my little mini me and so beautiful in infinite ways. Never in my life would I think I could be so cruel to her, even unknowingly. My lack of receiving love as a child or understanding what real love is, got my attention. So I colored this picture. This is what I see.

Thank you for spending the time. That is all that matters to everyone.

Much Love and Ase...


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