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New Moon in Leo 8.18.2020

Once again the cycle of the Moon slipped my mind. I knew it was coming, saw a notification 6 days prior, so I thought I had time. Lol! Well, come to find out I did and always do. There has been such a dark cloud over me for such a long time, I lost track of myself.

I know that I am not the only one to experience this but when you are really "in" something, it can be hard to see the signs ahead. No one is above a lesson. They do get to speak. Even in the Dark, you have to trust that the Light is behind you, whatever the Light is to you.

The saying is "the struggle is real" and it is. Fighting against your purpose is the realest of struggles out there. That shit is tiring. It has been a min but I remember hearing from #FlightBoss that there is a difference between a talent and a gift. From what I remember, a talent is something you can do effortlessly; a gift is something you are meant to do and can fulfill you in every way possible.

Not even three days ago I was ignorantly asking myself what my purpose was. I was in a low vibe and doubt ting myself like usual. I'm over it, I have been beating myself up too long for nothing. I have done things I never thought I would and I finally see that I am all that I need(and everyone else), it is passed the time to embrace it; it is beyond time to "be".

I have been relying on my talents to get me by and denying my gifts....just because. Now, I want to fulfill my dreams versus only dreaming about them. Crazy things is, I have been living them; at least a decent version of them. I look around myself, both figuratively and not, I do not want for anything. To come from feeling like my world was crashing down to realizing I was holding myself down; complete shock and ego death.

Everything I needed was there, everyone, every Spirit.....waiting on me. I realized I was allowing outside forces to distort how I saw my reality. It was so dug into me that I was the only one who could alter my reality. Is some sense, yes but if you do not comprehend how you, personally, I teract with energy, there is no reason to hold it again yourself. Other people and their energy do affect you, point blank. I can say confidently, anyone who says otherwise is not objectively looking at things.

Being lead to believe that you are the other energy within your realm can actually be destructive. I spend a lot of time trying to reason how everything I have ever been through is my fault(soul contracts, etc.). What I have been through is not my fault alone but it is up to me to forgive myself and others for allowing pain to enter my energetic field. From this point on and in my current awareness level, there is no reason to succumb to the same lower energies as before.

Detach...let go or be dragged. At some point holding on is insanity. This #NewMoon in #Leo is a great opportunity appreciate where you are and where you are going. I feel like a lil cub who has a new mission; no rush to grow but eager to live.

Much Love and Asé

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