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Still Motivated? #StarMoonTarot

I would ask how was your first day but we aren't starting over remember? So, how is your continuation fairing?🤔😂 If you aren't blurting out every single positive adjectives you can think of, you're not in touch with this energy. The 10 is showing up again but double this time.

The Ten of Wands/R and the Ten of Pentacles; with the Wands in Reverse, this is saying that all the hard treacherous work has been done. Nothing more needs to be added to obtain the Ten of Pentacles except for consistency to maintain it. There has been time and energy on setting the path you wanted and the results are here. With love or buisness, the (2)10's breakdown to a "2", unity, connection, balance. The Four of Pentacles is the overall, signifying holding on to what you have obtained and nurturing it.

There is nothing bad to say about these cards. The energy of manifestation is here, Capricorn season is about status, let's continue to create our reality as we see fit. There is enough abundance for any and everyone on this planet. I'm also feeling that if you look at individuals around you, you will come to see their perspective of the Ten of Pentacles. I am getting a warm feeling of astonishment, some of y'all are having an Awakening moment. If that resonates with you, you are looking back and understanding how give and take works with the Universe. I feel that with the Ten of Wands in reverse, you put a lot of energy into what you wanted but without comprehension about what was being asked of you from Spirit, it created roadblocks. Now standing back to see the forest for the trees(Ten of Pentacles), your direction has become more apparent.

Capricorn is known to be a very hard worker but more importantly, they are a smart worker. We have passed the phase of dragging ourselves through the dirt, now it is about how you go about things. Be discerning and stay in a high vibration, there is nothing that can stop you....except you.

Much Love...


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