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WeekDay Vibe | Oct 21th - 25th

Hey guys, I hope your week has been going well. I have finally come out of my slump and decided to do cards for the rest of the week. There was so much joy to see this King Of Wands come out upright, he has been haunting me in reverse for quite some time!!!

So, we have the King of Wands, 8 of Swords/R and the Ace of Pentacles/R; typically the Ace of Pentacles/R can be kind of a bad sign but I'm not feeling that today. If you look at the King, although he is looking to the past, it is not due to weakness but strength. He understands that putting the past in its place is necessary for the future, and the present. With the 8 of Swords/R, we are releasing self-doubt and conflicting mindsets. Understanding that there are still going to be hard times in the future, we are better prepared. The Ace of Pentacles/R tells us that what we have just gone through has prepared us for the next go-round.

Now that balance is here, when negativity is coming, it will be stopped in its tracks. There is not going to be any more appropriation of other's negative energy; been there done that! The overall energy for this week is the 4 of Swords/R, no more laying down and feeling sorry for yourself. We are taking these lessons and running with them. Although we may not be at our goal, this is a great energy to be in. This is the motivation and the trust within yourself and the Universe that dreams really do come true!!!!

Whatever you do for the rest of the week; do you and forever "Love your Shadow"!!!

Much Love...


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