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10.19.2020 #Journal #StarMoonSpeaks

Things have been so good for me. I continue to release control and flow with the Universe, Asé! I continue to deepen my connection with Spirits, understanding my Ancestors and people's roles and intentions in my life. I am just an experience for others, to ignite something in them like I have been sparked. I know people are here for a reason or a season. I give all my reasons that StarMoon seasoning😘.

Letting go👐🏾 allows for new to come. Who doesn't like new? I used to let the thought of losing people feel like the decapitation of my soul. When I stood back, I realize they did not even flinch at the sight of my soul falling to the ground...lifeless. Is it their fault? No, I allowed my expectation and false teachings to lead me right off that cliff. Not everyone can/or will climb out and you cannot take one Soul or thing with you on your ascend. It has to be just You.

Others can only Ascend if they see your light through their Darkness. Every time you interact with someone or an experience, it breaks away at the hardened Darkness that encapsulated use since your birth. Not everything has a major effect but the ones that do, overtime will expose your ego and force you to see your own true colors. Them shits is NASTY! 🤢🤯

Not accepting your stank manifest through the actions of you and your environment. Experiencing low vibe things such as depression, addiction, lust, getting robbed, going to jail, cheating, miscarriage, divorce, do I need to go on? Getting fired from a job, people walking away from you, people walking over, under and through you; having issues with your car, bank account, house, city, electronics, kids, everything! If you do not think everything is a sign, that is your own ignorance.👀👏🏾

I have been taught many lessons and the one thing I will not do is give up on myself and what I believe. If you give me a bad vibe I will distance myself. If I see value in you still, we will interact at whatever rate. If I do not, what is the point?🤔 We are both wasting value on things that we don't value. 🙄Bitch why? 💪🏾Taurus North Node, I value what I spend my energy on. It isn't personal, you have other shit to do as well. Until next time...

Much Love and Asé


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