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5.31.2021 #COTW Be Still

This week is going to start off with a dampening energy, but it is for a reason. You may hear something during this week that takes the wind out of your sails oh, maybe you thought your idea was the right choice. If others do not see your ideas as valuable then it may be an opportunity for you to see the value in it yourself. The universe wants you to release the expectations of how people should receive you and just know that you are the one who receives the blessings of your sacrifices.

It is always important to remember that everybody has their own spirits that they follow. It is not a personal attack against you but a chance for you to uphold your morals of Self. When we interact with others, there is always potential for disagreements but there's even more potential for rectifying wounds that we tend to hide.

So this week, when you come in contact with this energy that doesn't validate your complete experience, use it as a time to flow and not resist. The universe is a multitude of energies that Be.

Much Love and Asé


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