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#TheLadies #StarMoonSpeaks

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

For a long time now, things have been hectic in my life. There always seemed to be someone or something that is not happy. Knowing my chart placements, I just want everyone to love and have fun. It really is a goal of mine, to have the people who I care about the be happy. We all know, that is impossible. There is no way all positive energy can be in one place at one time. It just does not work, there has to be a negative.

Surprisingly, this is where #TheLadies come in. When this energy first came to me, it was so damn powerful. It was causing different things to happen around my altar, no one knew what it was or what was goin on. I was left in a place I know all too well....the Darkness. It was too comfortable of an energy, something that I was quite familiar with...but from where? It was already there.

I cannot for sure tell you where it comes from(Kali said she can let you but the energy IS HERE. It has been here since the beginning...of time. To explain this energy is to be open minded and that is not something a lot of people are. So, I know people are gonna get upset about what I have to say but honestly, that is nothing new for me; people do not like what I have to say. Ask anyone that...used to know

I am being guided to make a video instead of sit here and typing. This message is gonna be quick so #TheLadies don't have time for it and neither do I. The Pisces in me wants to apologize because this message is going to be very aggressive, believe me, it is coming from a good place.

To Be Continued......


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