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#StarMoonSpeak 6.4.2020(late post)

I can say that I am so elated with the response I got from my post recently. This week has been amazing. So many revelations about life and how we truly are all connected. When people tell you it is some important to really know who you are, it is so fuckin' true! My understanding of this has deepened over the years. We assume that we do things that "we" want but energy is so fluid that mistakes can be made unintentionally.

We interact with people to really get to know ourselves. Throughout time, we learn to see and understand different feelings and emotions. Our perspectives of things change constantly, there are times that you do not even notice and some cause great change in your life. How we respond/react is pivotal to how the Universe responds. Notice, the Universe does not react, there is no ill emotion towards you. Your own intentions are just thrown in your face. That can be tough. In retrospect, we know that things that hurt can teach us beautiful things. There is always a silver lining, you HAVE to want to see it.

Even in the face of indecision, go with your intuition. It has never steered me wrong. Has my intuition made me doubt situations....yes; but again ,I took that beautiful lesson for what it was. It taught me more about myself. I will never get tired of saying we were not taught how to properly love. This is a real problem and it needs to be fixed!! If you are reading this, it is not anyone else's responsibly to make you love you. Yes, I do feel that it is the parents/guardians that hold that responsibility but how do you teach what you do not know? You have to put the energy into it. How do you do that? Well you are here right? That is how....

Researching other people who hold a value or concept that relates to you. We are all here to learn from each other. Studying how they have got to where they are, reach out to them with questions; I promise you, anyone putting information out there would love to hear from you! No one is above or below you and if anyone makes you feel that way; take a second and wonder why. It may be hard to believe but it is a belief that you hold; this can be conscious or subconscious. This is where I am right now, accepting that anything I have an aversion to possibly is something ugly in me. Does that mean I am an ugly person? No, again, we are all learning who are true self is. I can take these feelings and really sit with them and ask the Universe to give me signs to guide me to the path of my highest well being. Those signs can be a bit shocking or validate what you have already felt. Again, the Universe flows with you and how you are feeling. It does NOT cause anything to happen to you, it allows you to flow how you want.

If you fight what your Higher Self is saying, you will miss important milestones in your life. Ase.

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