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That cycle is OVER!!!!!

Maaan!!! I tell you what! The Universe ain't no joke!!! But I passed that test and I continue to surprise myself!!! It has been a minute since I have posted, my laptop mysterious got damaged but I was able to manifest a replacement, Trying to post on this site can be hard thru the mobile apps, cannot upload videos. Anyhow, that is in the past and here I am!!!

I have still been transforming every since May; I missed the opportunity to break cycles and I had several Tower moments going on over here. I beat myself up for not being active the way I wanted but I know that I was doing too much. I had been doing too much for too long. Fuckin'

Wanting to be a good mom, spouse, friend, daughter and worker was not working, I already choose my path to start my own business...WTF! Sag mode for real, huh? I accept that I have had everything I need to be the true me, especially within the last three years. The last eight years have been a hell send and I mean that! Fuckin' craziness! But damn, I would not take anything back. The hurt, the abandonment, the truth, beautiful. As I evolve on my path, I understand that my strength has to be tested to be seen. I was not told I was a Manifesting Motherfucker when I was growing up; had to see it for myself. I do.....I am.

Now that I have ended this cycle of co-dependency and abandonment; my Inner Child has grown and is now focused on....more mature I found out what true love, true unconditional love is; also realized how many people can really hate on it. Sad.

Hope everyone has been doing well, NOW, its going down. My heart is Open, My Spirits got me and I am Rooted. Integration, Manifestation, Purpose.

Aw maan, check out the Sept 2020 reading if you haven't already! Juicy......especially #Scorpio!!!! Called you out, sorry. Y'all hardcore Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. Not everything is about readings, hit me up.

Much Love and Ase!!!!!


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