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Growing up, there was one thing that I felt I really missed out on; grandparents. Many of my friends would always speak about great moments that they shared with their grandparents. The light in their eyes and inflections of the voice screamed love and excitement. At the time, there was a sadness in me, a longing. Why weren't my grandparents around?

There were visits to my maternal grandparents house, I remember 2 times. Not fond memories of my grandfather. My grandmother came to live with us towards the end of her life but I was 15 and...doing 15 year old things. Working and worrying about friends. I did come to find out she is the one who purchased my first car! A 1993 Ford Taurus, it was my Baby!!! (wonder if that is why I always felt inclined to name my cars Not too sure what to say about our connection, I feel her and out but I know what is keeping her back. I do not take it personally thou, we all have our things, alive or passed over. I will always love my grandma Betty, shit, I named my child after

There were several visits and phone conversations with my paternal grandfather; unfortunately, I only remember him when he had Alzheimer. I remembered my mom making him banana pudding all the time, he fucking looooooved that shit!!! I was good!!!! At his apartment is where I got to meet my cousins, those are good memories, just being kids. I remember seeing my grandmother once. This is us(below) I could not tell you where or what was going on but I do remember this moment. We had all just got there and this was her first time seeing me since I was a babe. This picture gives me such good energy, unconditional love .All interacts with my grandparents were vague. Too few and far in between to support that foundation of a solid memory.

I do still get brought back thinking of the time that has been lost but I willingly direct it to the connection in the now. What I have, it is even better. The more I ascend, so does my connection to all realms; that is something that no one can take away from me.

Realizing that not all of my Ancestor have my back, not everyone I have known is on there; if they did not vibe with me before, there is a chance we never will. I still remain open to anyone in my lineage that wants to come thru but like on all realms, respect comes first.

Quite often, I feel that I am; if so, I apologize. But, is it not comforting that you always had the support system you wanted, you just had to want it. I want it, I have it and I hope you find peace with the past. It can hold you up or let you fall but it is all in your perception. Utilize the tools your are given.....on all realms.

Much Love and Ase...

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